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Typhoon Queenie How to Survive Flooding

If flood water is just below your waist or even in your waist, you need to stand on your side cause your body's point of impact against the running water is narrow, so it drags you less backwards, and you'll be able to remain standing.

Another typhoon struck Philippines. I was looking for some pictures of its aftermath, i noticed that there are flooding. I edited this photo in hope that someone can share this to their barangay and implement this concept. This might be costly or not really the best option but you get the idea and can enhance from it. Click this link for more concept on flooding, earthquake or typhoon house design..

Jason Baldado, 7 years old, climbed a coconut tree to keep himself safe from the flood Jason was lucky enough that there was a structure near the coconut tree that his feet can step on... In my opinion this should have been available before any typhoon especially when you are located in a lower ground and expects a flood. We can use metal or even wood as stair steps going up to the tree top...

Here are the concept i made before, during the yolanda typhoon.

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