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Tsunami & Storm Surge Solution - Vertical Evacuation

40 feet concrete Posts - survived both 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami .. if installed beside each house, you have a life saver, just save life.. Life first.

40 feet concrete posts can be seen here in Japan tsunami 2011 video, if we can just put something that we can climb into these concrete posts, then we can save a lot of lives during tsunami or storm surge.
we can have an elevated dome house or simply a 40 feet concrete post as vertical evacuation

Coastal area like in Mactan, Tacloban Leyte, Samar, Bantayan should have  a lot of 40 feet concrete posts around its coast lines. and houses within 1 kilometer from the beach should also have 40 feet concrete posts as vertical evacuation for people who are far from their own houses. If we have these 40 feet posts installed in many houses then we dont have to run or drive to far away evacuation center. During an Earthquake that starts in the Ocean, there will be very small time for a person to run to higher grounds. A 40 feet posts everywhere is a lot better and effective since they can just climb into it once they are far from their own home of from the high ground or evacuation center or higher buildings.

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