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Yolanda Typhoon Relief Operation versus Evacuation

Which is Cheaper, Easier and Fast ?

1. Sending relief trucks to a ship versus bringing people to relief centers by ship or airplane ?
2. Evacuation center outside the path of the typhoon few days before the typhoon versus Evacuation center few kilometers from the path of typhoon?
3. Relief Operation FROM Manila, Cebu & other provinces going to Leyte versus Evacuate people TO relief centers like Cebu and Manila where the roads are avialable for trucks and cars, water and air are clean and they have gym and stadium to sleep with?
4. 50% discount on Airplane and ship fees during Evacuation outside province versus relief operation ship , airplane, & helicopter gasoline costs ?
5. Changing house design into Circle or Trianglular shapes with 10 feet concrete column versus fixing damage house with the same flat linear wall design and roof ?

A person from Leyte told me that possible reason for not Evacuating to Cebu or Manila are as follows:

1. Personal properties such as furnitues and Appliances
2. Missing family member
3. Unburried dead relatives

What to do if we are not going to Evacuate outside Typhoon Path like the Yolanda ?

1. Fix or change something in our house design

2. Build a new house design that can withstand Earthquake, Typhoon and flood, Tsunami, Storm Surge
3. Build a Life Saver Ball
It is very sad to see my filipino citizens suffering the Yoland Typhoon, even after 5 days, they are trying their best to survive, needing food and water. We need to analyze everything from House design to Evacuation before things get damage and life lost. Prevention is always better than cure. We are all very thankful for the relief goods from Filipinos and foreigners around the world. We Filipinos will always remember you in our hearts, to those who died from Bohol Earthquake and Typhoon Yoland in Visayas especially Tacloban City Leyte, we love you all.


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