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Typhoon Flood Earthqauke House Designs

This is for people who can afford to install base isolation system and concrete wall. though the house is linear flat wall its rood is hidden inbetween so that wind cant destroy it.
Below is another house design that has a curve shaped roof, this house design also for people who can afford base isolation system. the best thing about this house is because it has a concrete curve roof.

below is for poor people who cant afford a concrete house, good thing is that the roof is hidden inbetween wooden walls. and the entire house is covered by a rotating outer wall. the house is also elevated by 30 feet from the ground to allow flood water to pass through easily without damaging the house.
below is a Slider cover wall - violet cover rotates vertically like an escalator as wind slides up - wind miss the house.
Wind Deflection Techniques

with typhoon, earth and flood, FORCE evacuation is still the best for everyone rich or poor people can be saved.

to save kids from typhoon, flood and earthquake, then a Life Saver Ball is one of the best design i believe..

none of these house, tshirt, ball are already built, these are only my concept because of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake and typhoon yolanda that hit philippine in 2013. i live in a 10 x 6 kilometers wide across Mactan island, one of the main reason im designing this.

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