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Yolanda Typhoon House Design for Tacloban Leyte

We can have an elevated dome house or simply a 40 feet concrete post as vertical evacuation.
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We need a 3 level approach in Solving Typhoon, Earthquake, and Tsunami
1. 40 feet concrete posts & coconut trees with handrails - for strong people that can climb
2. Elevated Evacuation Dome Centers - for Mass evacuation
3. Tsunami Life Saver Ball - for kids and weak old people who cant climb the posts

Check them here
Thailand 2004 Tsunami - Put handrails on existing COCONUT TREES so people can climb during Tsunami
40 feet concrete Posts - survived both 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami .. if installed beside each house, you have a life saver, just save life.. Life first. Coastal area like in Mactan, Tacloban Leyte, Samar, Bantayan should have  a lot of 40 feet concrete posts around its coast lines. and houses within 1 kilometer from the beach should also have 40 feet concrete posts as vertical evacuation for people who are far from their own houses. we dont have to run or drive to far away evacuation center.
Less damages if we let the surge and tsunami flow - and more space for grass and animals too on the ground

Rebuild Leyte and Bohol but in a different way - build them domes and a 30 feet towers to climb
People can choose between ECOSHELL with 30 feet tower, or the 3 story Dome with a steel roof top

Coastal areas like tacloban city leyte needs a new house design, a curve house design so the water can flow easily, something that can withstand strong winds, and wtihstand earthquake. it also needsa 30 feet high steel tower that people can climb just in case there is flooding or storm surge or even hurricaine.
I hope the government will offer this type of house, a long dome with a 30 feet high climbing tower for tsunami or storm surge.

detach your whole concrete house wall, floor and columns from Earth so it wont shake during earthquake


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