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Yolanda Typhoon House Design to Prevent Damages

Rebuild leyte and bohol - build them domes and 30 feet towers to climb to. Life fist call for force evacuation to other safe provinces like cebu, manila and davao

Yolanda Super Typhoon hit Cebu Philippines on November 8, 2013, it first hit Samar and Leyte and the most damages can be seen there. A very sad and horrific images of house damages and dead people are all over the internet. Very sad that filipinos experienced Earthquake of 7.2 magnitude in Bohol and a 330 kph Yoland Super typhoon in the same year. Storm Surge is one of the main reason of the death toll in Tacloban City Leyte. Storm Surge should be translated into Tagalog - Waray - Cebuanos - Bisaya so all people can understand what it really meant.. Storm Surge should be explained in detail with visual presentation.

What can we do to atleast lessen the damages?

House design change could be expensive for a regular working filipino, so a little change might cost less and save lives.

ROOF and Ceiling Minimal Redesign

Given the fact that our houses are designed with linear wall bearing design, with a roof at triangular / slanting shape, and most of our houses are built directly on the ground, these small tweaks on the design could help a little. The ceiling portion should have a counter slanting shape so the wind can SLIDE through. The tip of the roof should be cut into flat so that wind dont have to hit a small triangle then can just pass through fast and easy on the other side of the rood.
Most of our houses use galvanized steel roof, using a SCREWS instead of a nail makes a big difference. SCREWS will hold on to the wood strong and tight, your roof will be safe since strong winds can not unscrew your roof but it can easily detache a clean edge nail. The grooves of the screw will make your house and roof stronger for a typhoon like yolanda.

10 feet concrete Column for Strom Surge, Flooding, and Tsunami

For Houses near the sea shore where Strom Surge is expected, a 10 feet or higher concrete column is needed so sea or flood water can just pass through easily. If concrete is expensive, then a wooden column can be used instead, but it has to be in a slanting position with triangular braces.

Living Proof of a Curve Design survices Yolanda strong winds

This structure survives the Yolanda Typhoon must be because its solid steel column which is also slanting and strong and its height is above 10 feet that flood water will just pass through easily. The bottom and the wall are both have curved shapes so strong winds will just SLIDE through easily.

Typhoon Side View IMPACT on a FLAT wall House design versus the Curve shape wall and roof design will makes a big difference. The wind will just slide through ona curve shape house design, yolanda strong winds can not make any further damage on this house. The momentum of the wind will be lesser when it hit a curve wall and roof. Yes CURVE WALL & ROOF house design....

Slanting & Triangular House Design

Egypt Pyramids survive Typhoons and Earthquake, a living prood that SLANTING & TRIANGULAR house design works.

From above, a typhoon winds looks like this, and when it hits a curve wall, it will just SLIDE through, unlike when it hit a FLAT wall it will smash and make damages on your wall because it can not slide through.

Typhoon - Earthquake - Typhoon Life Saver Ball

Will we ever adapt the CURVE and SLANTING house designs? We should, I say. people died during the Yolanda Typhoon, news said that death toll is just in tacloban city leyte. We love our relatives, we need to use or change our house designs into curve and slanting. Houses in coastal areas should be elevated or built above higher grounds. We also need to install base isolation system to preven collapse of our buildings and houses. I hope this design and technology will be affordable to all filipino home owners. May this house design saves a lot of pinoy from typhoon, flood, and earthquake.

I hope someday it will be implemented, i hope real estate developers will look into this kind of house design and offer it to affordable prices. 

May our loves ones and kababayan rest in peace. We love you all.


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