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3 Solutions to for Typhoon, Earthquake, and Tsunami

1. Put handrails on existing 40 feet concrete Posts so people can climb during Tsunami

40 feet concrete post are proven to survive Tsunami , Storm Surge and Flood. You can review Tsunami videos in Japan 2011, you can see concrete electric pole are still standing. At least maybe 5 to 8 people can climb together to a concrete pole, just maybe. During tsunamis, electricity will be turn-off so its safe to climb, water will flow easily because the concrete pole is slim and thin so it will survive the impact of tsunami.

We can save human lives by putting handrails on every existing concrete posts so people can climb right away. We know that tsunami comes after Earthquake as soon as 20 to 30 minutes, so evacuating to higher grounds might be impossible for people living in the seashore to run or drive to evacuation center kilometers away, the traffic on the road will make it impossible for people to get to elevated grounds far away.

To save humans lives, we need to put handrails on every concrete poles especially poles that are near the seashores or coastal areas. Handrails are cheap and fast to accomplish than building elevated dome houses or evacuation centers.

It is important for me because i also live in a small island in Philippines. Our house is about 900 meters from the sea, our place is Bagumbayan 2 Maribago Mactan Cebu Philippines. I saw tsunami videos and pictures of Yolanda - Haiyan aftermath of Storm Surge, we need to save human lives first.

2. For the OLD people and Young children that can not climb the posts and coconut trees
we need a bigger life saver ball that we can place the old people and young children inside if we have enough time .

If we have a lot of time, we can all run to an elevated evacuation dome center

3. Elevated Evacuation Dome Centers for mass evacuation
To save houses, we need elevated dome houses

Thailand 2004 Tsunami -
Put handrails on existing coconut tress so people can climb during tsunami

you dont have to run for elevated ground, you need vertical safety towers like the coconut trees and 40 feet concrete posts

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