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Yolanda Haiyan Typhoon Solution

Philippine President can call for  a force Evacuation and people should follow and live the place incase of super typhoon. They should be given free or atleast 50% discount airplane and ship tickets.
People can choose between ECOSHELL with 30 feet tower, or the 3 story Dome with a steel roof top
Less damages if we let the surge and tsunami flow - and more space for grass and animals too on the ground

Coastal areas also need typhoon, earthquake and storm surge, tsunami proof dome houses and a 30 feet high tower that people can climb too when there is a storm surge.

Yolanda Typhoon House Design for Tacloban Leyte

We can have an elevated dome house or simply a 40 feet concrete post as vertical evacuation.
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We need a 3 level approach in Solving Typhoon, Earthquake, and Tsunami
1. 40 feet concrete posts & coconut trees with handrails - for strong people that can climb
2. Elevated Evacuation Dome Centers - for Mass evacuation
3. Tsunami Life Saver Ball - for kids and weak old people who cant climb the posts

Check them here
Thailand 2004 Tsunami - Put handrails on existing COCONUT TREES so people can climb during Tsunami
40 feet concrete Posts - survived both 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami .. if installed beside each house, you have a life saver, just save life.. Life first. Coastal area like in Mactan, Tacloban Leyte, Samar, Bantayan should have  a lot of 40 feet concrete posts around its coast lines. and houses within 1 kilometer from the beach should also have 40 feet concrete posts as vertical evacuation for people who are far from their own houses. we dont have to run or drive to far away evacuation center.
Less damages if we let the surge and tsunami flow - and more space for grass and animals too on the ground

Rebuild Leyte and Bohol but in a different way - build them domes and a 30 feet towers to climb
People can choose between ECOSHELL with 30 feet tower, or the 3 story Dome with a steel roof top

Coastal areas like tacloban city leyte needs a new house design, a curve house design so the water can flow easily, something that can withstand strong winds, and wtihstand earthquake. it also needsa 30 feet high steel tower that people can climb just in case there is flooding or storm surge or even hurricaine.
I hope the government will offer this type of house, a long dome with a 30 feet high climbing tower for tsunami or storm surge.

detach your whole concrete house wall, floor and columns from Earth so it wont shake during earthquake

Deflecting the force of Yolanda Storm Surge

if only we can protect Life and property at the same time by deflecting the force of Storm surge

65 Degree of Roof Angle Survive supertyphoon Yolanda

Hidden roof is the best - roof is protected by the walls. even with a 20 degree angle it is still protected and survive the super typhoon.

a house with a 50 degree angel roof can survive a super typhoon like yolanda, while 18 degree angel roof can not since the roof sheet is almost horizontal to the wind direction thus lifting it from the fram.
another house with an 18 degree angel roof is damage since the roof sheet is almost horizontal to the wind direction

60 degree angel roof survives a super typhoon yoland.

Letter A frame or 65 degree angle house can survive a super typhoon wind.

but if you hide the roof altogether between concrete walls then this must be the ultimate roof protection against typhoon like yolanda.

Typhoon Flood Earthqauke House Designs

This is for people who can afford to install base isolation system and concrete wall. though the house is linear flat wall its rood is hidden inbetween so that wind cant destroy it.
Below is another house design that has a curve shaped roof, this house design also for people who can afford base isolation system. the best thing about this house is because it has a concrete curve roof.

below is for poor people who cant afford a concrete house, good thing is that the roof is hidden inbetween wooden walls. and the entire house is covered by a rotating outer wall. the house is also elevated by 30 feet from the ground to allow flood water to pass through easily without damaging the house.
below is a Slider cover wall - violet cover rotates vertically like an escalator as wind slides up - wind miss the house.
Wind Deflection Techniques

with typhoon, earth and flood, FORCE evacuation is still the best for everyone rich or poor people can be saved.

to save kids from typhoon, flood and earthquake, then a Life Saver Ball is one of the best design i believe..

none of these house, tshirt, ball are already built, these are only my concept because of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake and typhoon yolanda that hit philippine in 2013. i live in a 10 x 6 kilometers wide across Mactan island, one of the main reason im designing this.

Yolanda Super Typhoon Preventive Strategy Tshirt

Preventive Strategy Tshirt should be spread out in the future before any super typhoon landfalls.
"Force Evacuation to other safe and functional provinces, days before the super typhoon. Umalis na, Likay Na, Palayo Na #EvacuatePH" . There should be 50% discount on ship & airplane fees.


I think we need a DONATION FOR Evacuation TICKETS before typhoon hit .what do you think ?. by the way the original is from Globe bangonpinoy a post typhoon donation.


then we need a post typhoon donation like this - this bangon pinoy donation will go to DAMAGE HOUSES.

or an image with a message like this should be spread out to all social media websites.

Yolanda Typhoon FORCE Evacuation to Safe Provinces Outside Typhoon Path

50% Discount on Ship & Airplane Fees
so that a whole family can Evacuate to other safe provinces where shelter, food and water are available, days before a super typhoon like Yolanda .

Philippine Airlines Boeng 747 has 335 seats and Tacloban Leyte has almost 300,000 population, so 300,000 people / 335 seats = 895 flights to Cebu, that is just an airplane, there are more ships that can bring people too.

On November 6, 2013 when Yolanda was still out of the Philippine Area of Responsibility, the Government should have called for a FORCE Evacuation to safe areas outside of Tacloban. Safe Evacuation centers like here in Mactan, Cebu, Manila, Davao, etc.. the Typhoon evacuation should be OUTSIDE the province where its not part of the Typhoon path.

We can see that the Relief Operation has some problems because the roads in Tacloban City Leyte are mostly blocked by debris and trees. Instead of bring food and water to a place where there are dead bodies around, it should be the people that were brought to Mactan Cebu or Manila Relief Centers where it is very easy to give them food and water. Evacuation to safe place like Cebu is much easier, faster, cleaner, cheaper.

There should be a new building code in coastal areas of places that are known as Typhoon Path.

a Life saver ball might be more effective during Earthquake, Flood, and Typhoon, since it will just roll and float.

Yolanda Typhoon Relief Operation versus Evacuation

Which is Cheaper, Easier and Fast ?

1. Sending relief trucks to a ship versus bringing people to relief centers by ship or airplane ?
2. Evacuation center outside the path of the typhoon few days before the typhoon versus Evacuation center few kilometers from the path of typhoon?
3. Relief Operation FROM Manila, Cebu & other provinces going to Leyte versus Evacuate people TO relief centers like Cebu and Manila where the roads are avialable for trucks and cars, water and air are clean and they have gym and stadium to sleep with?
4. 50% discount on Airplane and ship fees during Evacuation outside province versus relief operation ship , airplane, & helicopter gasoline costs ?
5. Changing house design into Circle or Trianglular shapes with 10 feet concrete column versus fixing damage house with the same flat linear wall design and roof ?

A person from Leyte told me that possible reason for not Evacuating to Cebu or Manila are as follows:

1. Personal properties such as furnitues and Appliances
2. Missing family member
3. Unburried dead relatives

What to do if we are not going to Evacuate outside Typhoon Path like the Yolanda ?

1. Fix or change something in our house design

2. Build a new house design that can withstand Earthquake, Typhoon and flood, Tsunami, Storm Surge
3. Build a Life Saver Ball
It is very sad to see my filipino citizens suffering the Yoland Typhoon, even after 5 days, they are trying their best to survive, needing food and water. We need to analyze everything from House design to Evacuation before things get damage and life lost. Prevention is always better than cure. We are all very thankful for the relief goods from Filipinos and foreigners around the world. We Filipinos will always remember you in our hearts, to those who died from Bohol Earthquake and Typhoon Yoland in Visayas especially Tacloban City Leyte, we love you all.


Typhoon Earthquake Flood Life Saver Capsule

With Typhoon Yolanda strong wind of 330 kph it destroyed a lot of House and Buildings in Tacloban City Leyte. If redesigning the houses is a bit expensive to ordinary filipinos, could this Life Saver Capsule will save atleast the Lives of Filipinos? 
This house curve shaped roof might help prevent the house being damaged by the Yolanda typhoon. Will real estate developers in Philippines ever consider this concept especially to homeowners near the sea shore that a storm surge might damage their property? With the Earthquake of 7.2 magnitude in Bohol and super typhoon yolanda that hit samar and leyte that cost filipinos lives, will this Curve shaped elevated house design be a considerable replacement of our present house designs?

Yolanda Typhoon House Design to Prevent Damages

Rebuild leyte and bohol - build them domes and 30 feet towers to climb to. Life fist call for force evacuation to other safe provinces like cebu, manila and davao

Yolanda Super Typhoon hit Cebu Philippines on November 8, 2013, it first hit Samar and Leyte and the most damages can be seen there. A very sad and horrific images of house damages and dead people are all over the internet. Very sad that filipinos experienced Earthquake of 7.2 magnitude in Bohol and a 330 kph Yoland Super typhoon in the same year. Storm Surge is one of the main reason of the death toll in Tacloban City Leyte. Storm Surge should be translated into Tagalog - Waray - Cebuanos - Bisaya so all people can understand what it really meant.. Storm Surge should be explained in detail with visual presentation.

What can we do to atleast lessen the damages?

House design change could be expensive for a regular working filipino, so a little change might cost less and save lives.

ROOF and Ceiling Minimal Redesign

Given the fact that our houses are designed with linear wall bearing design, with a roof at triangular / slanting shape, and most of our houses are built directly on the ground, these small tweaks on the design could help a little. The ceiling portion should have a counter slanting shape so the wind can SLIDE through. The tip of the roof should be cut into flat so that wind dont have to hit a small triangle then can just pass through fast and easy on the other side of the rood.
Most of our houses use galvanized steel roof, using a SCREWS instead of a nail makes a big difference. SCREWS will hold on to the wood strong and tight, your roof will be safe since strong winds can not unscrew your roof but it can easily detache a clean edge nail. The grooves of the screw will make your house and roof stronger for a typhoon like yolanda.

10 feet concrete Column for Strom Surge, Flooding, and Tsunami

For Houses near the sea shore where Strom Surge is expected, a 10 feet or higher concrete column is needed so sea or flood water can just pass through easily. If concrete is expensive, then a wooden column can be used instead, but it has to be in a slanting position with triangular braces.

Living Proof of a Curve Design survices Yolanda strong winds

This structure survives the Yolanda Typhoon must be because its solid steel column which is also slanting and strong and its height is above 10 feet that flood water will just pass through easily. The bottom and the wall are both have curved shapes so strong winds will just SLIDE through easily.

Typhoon Side View IMPACT on a FLAT wall House design versus the Curve shape wall and roof design will makes a big difference. The wind will just slide through ona curve shape house design, yolanda strong winds can not make any further damage on this house. The momentum of the wind will be lesser when it hit a curve wall and roof. Yes CURVE WALL & ROOF house design....

Slanting & Triangular House Design

Egypt Pyramids survive Typhoons and Earthquake, a living prood that SLANTING & TRIANGULAR house design works.

From above, a typhoon winds looks like this, and when it hits a curve wall, it will just SLIDE through, unlike when it hit a FLAT wall it will smash and make damages on your wall because it can not slide through.

Typhoon - Earthquake - Typhoon Life Saver Ball

Will we ever adapt the CURVE and SLANTING house designs? We should, I say. people died during the Yolanda Typhoon, news said that death toll is just in tacloban city leyte. We love our relatives, we need to use or change our house designs into curve and slanting. Houses in coastal areas should be elevated or built above higher grounds. We also need to install base isolation system to preven collapse of our buildings and houses. I hope this design and technology will be affordable to all filipino home owners. May this house design saves a lot of pinoy from typhoon, flood, and earthquake.

I hope someday it will be implemented, i hope real estate developers will look into this kind of house design and offer it to affordable prices. 

May our loves ones and kababayan rest in peace. We love you all.