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Yolanda Typhoon FORCE Evacuation to Safe Provinces Outside Typhoon Path

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so that a whole family can Evacuate to other safe provinces where shelter, food and water are available, days before a super typhoon like Yolanda .

Philippine Airlines Boeng 747 has 335 seats and Tacloban Leyte has almost 300,000 population, so 300,000 people / 335 seats = 895 flights to Cebu, that is just an airplane, there are more ships that can bring people too.

On November 6, 2013 when Yolanda was still out of the Philippine Area of Responsibility, the Government should have called for a FORCE Evacuation to safe areas outside of Tacloban. Safe Evacuation centers like here in Mactan, Cebu, Manila, Davao, etc.. the Typhoon evacuation should be OUTSIDE the province where its not part of the Typhoon path.

We can see that the Relief Operation has some problems because the roads in Tacloban City Leyte are mostly blocked by debris and trees. Instead of bring food and water to a place where there are dead bodies around, it should be the people that were brought to Mactan Cebu or Manila Relief Centers where it is very easy to give them food and water. Evacuation to safe place like Cebu is much easier, faster, cleaner, cheaper.

There should be a new building code in coastal areas of places that are known as Typhoon Path.

a Life saver ball might be more effective during Earthquake, Flood, and Typhoon, since it will just roll and float.

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