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Tsunami Solution 40 Feet Concrete Posts

Dome house with 30 feet metal tower as vertical evacuation during tsuname.
every post should have a handrail for people to climb during tsunami so they dont need to run 

Thailand 2004 Tsunami -
Put handrails on existing coconut tress so people can climb during tsunami

you dont have to run for elevated ground, you need vertical safety towers like the coconut trees and 40 feet concrete posts

handrail for every concrete post so that people can climb during flood, storm surge and tsuname

Allow the water, tsuname, flood water to flow
All we need is to add hand rails to existing 40 feet concrete pole for people to climb during tsuname.
Dome houses are typhoon, earthquake, tornado proof houses, by adding a 40 feet concrete posts in a triangular shape then you have a tsunami tower to climb to.

allow the water to flow, we need elevated dome houses and elevated evacuation center domes.

you can see that 40 foot concrete pole survive during the tsunami in Japan 2011. all japanese need to do is add a handrails so people can climb these posts.

 these are dome houses that survive a hurricaine, storm surge.

we can also use a tsuname life save, or tsuname survival pod. Japanese have similar tsunami life saver, the color is yellow.

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